Golden Globes {favorite fashion moments}

The Fashion at this year’s golden globes was all over the map kind of like the movies and programs nominated. They ranged from all out glamour to what was she thinking to wow what a pleasant surprise. Here are some categories of color/style I witness and I’ll share my top 2 favorites.

1. my Black or Black N Gold ladies. Kristen Wiig, Eva Longoria,Helen Mirren and Kate Hudson looked amazing!
Golden Globes - Black n Gold

2. All about Texture ladies. Lea Michele, Nicole Richie, Thandie Newton and Emily Blunt.

Golden Globes -texture

3. Not afraid of unusual Color ladies. Jessica Chastain, Jessica Alba and Marion Cotillard

Golden Globes - Color

but my absolute favorite of the night was…..Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. Its one of those effortlessly glamourous dresses because its so well constructed. it needs no further embellishment. so she kept everything else pretty minimal. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Kate hudson GG 2013

close second was…..Jessica Alba in Oscar De La Renta. One of the best styled of the night. hair and makeup perfect. perfect dress color choice. and the accessories are just out of this world. thank you Mr. Winston!


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