Happy New Year


This is so late coming but its never too late to have some resolutions right?! For the past couple of years I have made yearly goals that were manageable and attainable which is only wise but this year I want to do that along with proclaiming some wild things that only by God’s grace can be achieved.

  1. Read 14 book this year -> one must be a literary Classic
  2. Get in Shape – Bombshell Workout
  3. Get a Life – Take 4 vacations [Vegas, Disney World, Beach, New York] -> Pastor Jim said something so profound on sunday. he said ” as i reflect on 2012, I realize that i spent most of it managing and not creating anything”. indeed! I am so grateful to God that he used me and broke me and continuously preparing me but this year I will take those lessons and apply them and listen to those whispers and run by them.
  4. attempt to Learn French -> This has been a goal for the past 3 years especially since my minor in college was french and I’ve lost every ounce of it since I haven’t used it at all but this year I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I bought Rosetta Stone and I plan to really sit down weekly and study
  5. Apply for Grad School -> there are 2 programs that seem so interesting and so what i need to be doing to progress [this is probably the most scary resolution out of them all]

LOVE this photo from DesignLoveFest

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