NYC quick trip recap


My sister and I went for a day and a half trip to nyc. meaning we arrived in NY on thursday evening and left friday afternoon. Quick and Sweet but it was all to fulfill my goal of going to see Anderson cooper in person through his show Anderson Cooper Live. He is SO cute and so sweet and really is as genuine as he comes across on t.v. he stood for at least 15-25 mins and answered questions from the audience and he even recorded a video message for this girl’s medical school graduating class. AND then he came over to the section of tweeters for the day and shook each of our hands and took group pictures. LE SIGHE.

Fun little things:

  1. the show is really fun to be a part of live. it goes by really fast despite having to be there super early
  2. Anderson Cooper’s hair is really white. like its not make up or gray. its WHITE.
  3. though he’s 45 years old (SHOCKER) he’s really handsome and youthful and he really has ice blue eyes. le sighe.
  4. he’s kind of skinny though and I’m almost positive he’s what I term an extrovert/introvert. what that means is he like me is really an introvert but because of the occupation and or passion/purpose of his life he has learned how to be extroverted. but its that balance that makes him so likeable. he’s earnest and thoughtful and really tries to answer and ask the best questions he can.
  5. The show has a kind of director/ 1st ad/crowd hyper and her name was One Funny Mother and she was absolutely a rock star. so naturally funny and engaged the audience and made the transitions between show and break so fun.
  6. the show also has a director who looks like a skinny version of Hugh Jackman. beard and all. so handsome!
  7. we stayed at the Milford NYC Hotel which is being renovated. It was a pretty good hotel for a quick trip and a good price. plus it was pretty central to everything we needed. really modern/European
  8. ummm a slice of pizza is really $1 smh! we’re being jipped here in the DMV
  9. we missed eating at shake shack because the line was out the door and i didn’t want to wait in the cold. next time for sure!

Stay tuned for more pictures from my brief brief trip!!

photo courtesy of {tweet seats}

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