Beauty 101 [the basics]

I’m such a makeup novice. The only time i really wear it or attempt to wear it is on special occasions and for church. so that is one day out of the week and few times a year. But I really want to get better at application and trying new things. Lets start with the basics: Brushes. I found this awesome article by & Women’s Day regarding the 5 brushes every woman should own. What i love about these articles is that there are pictures of what they look like and descriptions of what their used for.


but here are the descriptions of the 4 brushes I use often from & Best Makeup Brushes – Makeup Applicators at – Woman’s Day:

  1. Foundation Brush –The flat sides of this brush hold onto liquid and powder foundation to ensure a smooth, even application every time. Sweep on using broad, horizontal strokes, which help conceal fine lines and wrinkles. The exceptions: around your upper lip, jawline and chin, where a downward motion better blends the foundation into your skin.The brush I use: MAC 190SE
  2. Powder Brush – The loosely packed bristles of this brush help pick up more powder, making it perfect for larger areas that don’t require targeted application (like your cheeks, forehead and jawline). To apply setting powder or bronzer, lightly tap off excess, then use circular motions to blend over your face. For blush, use a sweeping motion from the apple of your cheek across your cheekbone and up to your temple.The Brush I use: MAC brush 187SE
  3. Eye Shadow Brush – The reason why I chose a synthetic style over a natural hair is it allows for both powder and cream application.  Having a flat brush is key to any eye look, as it is the main brush that applies the eye shadow, and it has been a staple of mine for many years.The Brush I use: MAC 252SE
  4. Eye Liner Brush – I find that this is normally the brush that most gals have in their brush collection first – as it can serve as a brush for both liner (powder or gel).  Though pencil liner may seem easier to apply.The Brush I use: MAC 212SE

honorable mentions: brow brush, contour brush
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