the lies, the truth and the consequences


I am a hands down #SCANDALHEAD or #GladiatorinaSuit so I have to begin this by saying, I do realize this is fake and in real life I am not an advocate of lies or adultery. With that said I do think this show has caused conversations to happen that haven’t happened before. and you can talk about it in a theoretical sense that isn’t always available when the scenario involves real life facts and situations. So today we are going to discuss episode 2:12 called “Truth and Consequences”. to catch us up: the President-Fitz was shot but survived and has asked Mellie for a divorce, Becky, the assassin, was caught and is in federal prison, Quinn uses her brain and puts all the pieces together and realizes that Hollis was behind the cytron bombing, Edison asked Olivia to marry him & David Rosen and Cyrus’ husband have figured out that someone rigged the election which David Rosen is now launching an investigation into. This episode marks possibly the beginning of the end for the round table of goons. I’m not sure how much will be unveiled and how many people will be brought to task for their role in the biggest scandal on the show. But this episode we finally see Oliva Pope cave under the pressure of trying to uphold this house of lies that is quickly sinking. She can’t get out of bed, she is non responsive and aloof. She realizes that the jig is up. what was done in the dark is coming to light. And its ugly and she can’t fix it.  And she’s thinking maybe she should be punished for her role in the election rigging. She was and is, though begrudgingly, in love with the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant, and because of that agreed to rig the election so he could become that president. She didn’t win anything by this except for the love of her life to have what he wanted. But she has had to lie, cheat and cover up so much. Is that what Love really is? That’s the question that we are asked time and time again. What is Love? what is marriage? what are the lengths one will go to for themselves and for the people they love. Is it worth it? And even if love is the motive will that excuse even slightly the consequences? Olivia is realizing she hasn’t been true to herself and who she could be and now its caught up with her. She can’t outrun her conscience. She can’t outrun herself. She has become someone she doesn’t even know. A bad guy as she says herself. and for what? She has nothing to show for it. she is exhausted emotionally and physically. she can’t do it all and be it all. And that’s where her Pope Associates come in. They stand up for her when she can’t. We have yet to see if they can protect her from this.

For some reason this made me think of Lance Armstrong, lies upon lies upon lies until finally the truth catches up to you either by force or by your own will and you are forced to face the public, those you love and yourself. To me this says 1 thing, Lies are always uncovered. one way or another. The truth is the best way through even when its the least desirable option and will set you free. but as we’ve come to see in this show, you can never outrun the consequences. You can position yourself well but everyone faces the judge sooner or later. And honestly I think though this sucks and its hard, it may be the best thing that ever happened to Olivia. she is gaining back herself and her self respect.

p.s. i love these 3 pictures of Olivia because it shows how she’s changed. the bottom one she’s light and the middle and top pictures are of a women being consumed by guilt and unraveling because of it.

photo via olivia pope tumblr

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