The State of the “Olivia Pope”



this morning i came to work and was still pondering the things i witnessed on the fictional show ‘Scandal’ and how disturbed it made me about the state of women in this culture. let me be politically correct and say some and not all women. my goodness.

OK Let me do a quick recap here: the show picks up 10months after the infamous last words of Fitz at Verna’s funeral, where he told her that he didn’t want her to wait for him and i quote “how stupid must he be to think that he could marry his mistress”. Olivia had just turned downed the advances and marriage proposal of a seemingly nice man. no he wasn’t the hot rocket/pure passion/fire chemistry match but he was a good man. And to be clear I am not condoning the idea of settling into a dull hum drum type of love but I also think we need to start to define love differently as a culture or as individuals. I know this show has definitely challenged me to really think through what love is and I keep coming back to the love as described in the bible. Which I believe is the love that actually fans the flame of love and houses it instead of setting it and watching it burn down everything in its path because it lacks maturity and wisdom.

Now back to why i was disturbed by what i saw on scandal Last night. Last Night, I witnessed a woman, a gladiator, a PR wiz kid, a giant in her field be abused and reduced to a common rag by a man she “loves”. The Great Olivia Pope is also a woman who works herself into an emotional coma. and instead of seeking deep/true healing she stuffs and copes. I realize and am thankfully for the portrayal of a semi real person who has flaws and is full of darkness and light like we all are. but something in me was deeply disturbed because this is the state of women in our world. some lack access to anything and aren’t even treated with the respect and dignity of being seen as a human being who has worth and then we swing the pendulum and see a woman who has been afforded this access and this position and yet is still not treated or treats herself with the dignity and respect of being a person of worth. But how can she know what it is to be a woman of worth and value with all that THAT means when we haven’t taught her. Somewhere in this race for feminism[equal work for equal pay]/capable to do the same work as men, we as women lost something.  We lost our feminism. Now I am in no way saying women should not have equal work for equal pay. i strongly agree with equal pay for equal work because if i work damn hard and harder than my male counterpart I want to be paid for my effort and production and not based on some weird/warped gender pay scale. And I’m personally happy about the strides in education and access that we have fought for but……… Is this the role model. is this the apex of who we can be as women. where are the women who are excellent at their respective roles and are flawed but also pursue wholeness and walk in purity and wisdom.

As my friend Ms.BA and I texted back and forth our observations and disgust. our final summation is that Olivia is too stupid for words. But what other example of health does she have. She is her own guide and measuring stick. I was struck by this and sent off another rapid fire text message that said, ” this whole thing makes be VERY thankful for the redemption, reality and rescue of Jesus Christ. because without him she is the representation of the best job you can do at handling/running your own life with your own limited/fractured/broken wisdom. Without Christ we don’t know what Love is, how to receive it or how to give it. We don’t have access to true deep restoring and renewing healing. THAT IS THE GOSPEL. and knowing that why are we not sharing it. These are the women at the well Christ encountered and we are still encountering in our selves and our circles.

I believe Christ died and paid the debt for my sin and these ailments of my soul once and for all and rose again to secure me victory and relationship forever. so that I Ms.MJ could be both -FIERCE and WHOLE and pursuing righteousness. I want to be both feminine and brilliant. beautiful and productive. flawed and pursuing holiness. I need to see THOSE women because that’s who I want to be. I want to be for me and for those coming up behind me.

Just some thoughts…..still wrestling with these thoughts.

note: these images above tell the whole story. she can tell someone they can’t afford her but her actions tell a different story. she is selling herself out too cheaply. and she knows it. smdh

photos from scandal tumblr -trustyourgut-love

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