how to get rid of smoke in your system and other thoughts on Vegas


Dear Las Vegas (little letters)

Dear chain smokers, if i never smell another smoke filled arena again it will be too soon. Lawd! My chest hurts either from the combination of a 5 hour flight and runner to the connecting gate in order to not miss my connecting flight back home or running to get my connecting flight in a body that hasn’t exercised in 6months + lungs that have inhaled second hand smoke for the last 4 days….hmmmmmmm btw i am now in the process of and hot tea and green power juices here i come.

Dear EVERY turnt-up, YES LAWWWWDDDDDDD! why must you only exist there. The only little consolation is that most of you are not from Vegas. (only BA will get this reference)

Dear drinkers, wow i didn’t know you could literally drink ALL day. the walking into prada with beer bottles and guitar alcohol containers was…..really classy! but i guess that wasn’t the point right? lol

Dear Eat., Trevi, Mr. Mama’s, Le Cafe, Sugar Factory, your food was amazing! some people say what happens in vegas should stay in vegas, well if it comes to your food i say no because more people need to eat this amazingness. EAT. WOW your breakfast and restaurant were so cute and vintage and the food + service was divine. Trevi wow that linguine with the muscles…..DELICIOUS! Sugar factory…that chocolate buger bun..umm so good and the entire atmosphere you created was so fun! Mr. Mama’s ..that 2 dollar nutmeg pankcake was so good! your prices and hospitality were just what the doctor ordered. and last but certainly not least, le Cafe restaurant in Paris Hotel & Casino….THAT is what a filet mignon is supposed to taste like. OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!

Dear Eiffel Tower RIDE, I loved every moment of it. though it was chilly, it was worth every one of your 46 stories to get to! the views were magnificent and i bet even better at night.

Dear New York Hotel and Casino RIDE, SO FUN. Perfect rollercoaster! just crazy enough with good head and leg harnesses.

Dear Las Vegas weather, you couldn’t have at least been sunny and warm for 3 out of 4 days…I’m over you. the end.

Dear Fountains of Bellagio and Bellagio Conservatory, BEAUTIFUL! definitely worth the trip to see it in person.

Dear 4 Queens hotel, though you were an older hotel and though the music from the downtown strip never stopped just got quieter and people literally stayed up everynight. You were awesome. changed my sheets and towels every day and kept the hotel and rooms very clean and super comfortable beds. what more can you ask for?

Dear Christian Louboutin and Tom Ford and Prada and La Perla and HM Cesears Palace and every other crazy expensive not in Virginia store, WOW! getting to meet you and see you in person was just….divine. product and presentation is everything folks and these stores had it in spades. and that 1921 Louis Vuitton traveling case still in perfect condition……please jesus please i would gladly take a Louis Vuitton traveling set. of which i would not deny. amen!

Dear BA, thanks so much for such a fun relaxing trip! I’m so glad we got to get away.  though we didn’t get to see Celine we still got to have some adventures! 2013 OPERATION GET A LIFE AND HAVE AN ADVENTURE in FULL effect!!  and you’re such a good wingman 😉 LOL!!

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