girlish ambition

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madisynritland3 Horst Diekgerdes

“All sorts of men had rejected her when she was younger as cute but not beautiful. She wrote about it, turned it into a comic riff — everything is copy — but privately, it was heartbreaking for her until this noble man came along and made her feel that she was as fabulous to look at as she was to talk to.” – Jacob Bernstein in the article about his mother ‘Nora Ephron’s Final Act’

EVERY girl should wait for THAT – someone who thinks they are fabulous to look at and to spend hours talking to! happy weekend!!

apartment #34 and coco + kelley

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2 thoughts on “girlish ambition

  1. Corinna says:

    Precisely! Why would a woman be in a hurry to get less than that? Same on the flip side – why would we hurry into a relationship before we are ready to make a man get less than he deserves?
    I recently learned that we spend more time in our lives waiting then anything else. We might as well enjoy the ride and make the most of it, growing into the fullness of God’s plan for us! #notinahurry

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