i tweeted during the super bowl about:

“i dare all of y’all to give 25% of the passion beyonce is giving right now at work tomorrow”

and combined with this sermon I heard from Steven Furtick called “Its not trying, its training” and it made me think to myself…what is it that I say i want to do?

pastor steven said  in reference to the passion and commitment that MMA fighter Vitor Belfort gives to his profession, “what if I would become that committed to the process of God training me for righteousness and to be used by him”.

I say I want the holy spirit to use my voice to speak his truth and break chains and bring those far him near him…what is coming out of that same mouth? what am i putting into my mind and spirit ? how am i leaning into what God has called me to do? Am I putting my hand to the plow?

just some constant questions in my head.

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