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Monday Mix



whose with me? lets get fit for summer and life. my favorite part of my body are my legs so i thought this was a fun challenge.


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Look of the day

jessica-alba-290.jpg emmy-rossum-290.jpg

today’s look of the day is the day to evening look. both of these ladies have captured the essence of my style aspirations. chic during the day and even more chic at night!

Jessica Alba (my style obsession recently) and Emmy Rossum both ladies are just beautiful and perfectly curated.

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Happy Weekend

this little girl is both sassy and hilarious. trying to put her own seat belt buckle in, her dad asks if she needs help and she says “worry bout yourself” LOL what??!!! where did she learn that? smh! kids say the darndest things.

Happy weekend!!!

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Tiffany’s Blue Book Ball in N.Y.C.




leave it to Tiffany & Co to bring out the stars in all their chic glory!! These were my absolute favorites of the night. But out of these I love GWYNETH PALTROW and Carrie Mulligan’s attire. Kate Hudson’s poise and fresh glow. Sarah Jessica Parker’s blazer and accessories. Michelle Williams Hair and edginess and Jessica Biels arms..can we say motivation to keep up my exercise classes! yes!

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