Jessica Biel’s Exercise

No time like the present to get in shape and build up some type of endurance lol! easter weekend took me out so i decided to start this monday off on the old blog healthy with a workout plan of one of my fav celeb fitneses inspirations: Jessica Biel or Mrs Timberlake. Jessica Biel is always looking toned and healthy. Now I know why. In addition to eating well here’s what Jessica workout is like courtesy of her trainer Jason Walsh and Us weekly mag.

Jessica Biel’s Workout 

Jason recommends a 30 minute interval-training regimen, four days a week.

Monday and Friday
Warm-up: Light cardio on the treadmill, bike or elliptical. (5 minutes)
Circuit work: Alternate 10 reps each of 2 strength-training moves (choose from walking lunges, bent-over dumb bell rows, squat to press, plank, hanging leg lifts and back extensions) with one minute of moderate cardio; repeat three times. Alternate one minute of cardio with another two exercises; repeat three times. Alternate one minute of cardio with last two exercises; repeat three times. Beginners use 5 – 10 pound weights; veterans, 15-20 pounds 18 minutes.
Intense Cardio: Alternate one minute of high speed (3.5 to 5 mph on a treadmill) at moderate resistance (an incline of 3 -5) with one minute of low speed (2.5 mph) at low resistance (incline of 1 or 2). Repeat set three times. Six minutes.
Cool down: Low speed walk. one minute

Tuesday and Thursday
Same as above, but substitute strength training moves: Squat jumps, pushups, sit-ups, wide-grip lat pull downs, side bridges, side bridges and crunches on the fitness ball.


Saturday and Sunday
45 minutes of your favorite sport.

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