thinking bout forever {happy weekend}


its going to be a busy weekend -serving in worship at a senior living facility, youth ministry and university church- woooo that’s a lot but I’m excited about it. thankful that when we feel we’re down and out there is always another day, a GREATER hope and a future. I’m glad that Christ doesn’t give up on me even when i want to give up. That he goes before us and stands by us from the mountain top to the lowest valley.

One revelation I’ve had this week is that everything flows out of your belief that you are loved. The bible says guard your heart for out of it comes the issues of life. why? because your heart – your love, your passions, your convictions are held safe there. if you believe in your heart you’re terrible then your behavior will follow – conscious or unconscious. so lets make it our goal to learn and seek and receive the love of God deeply. So deep it changes our heart and thus our life.

I hope you all know you’re loved and are wonderful!! have so much fun this weekend!! lets make this year 2013 one to remember in our personal history books!

photo via riches for rags

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