by Lynette Lewis

Walking back from dinner the other night I happened upon this lovely little garden in the middle of the upper west side in NYC.

Some local residents get together every spring and plant little garden plots, creating beauty among all the concrete.

While others might say they live in the city and can’t garden, these folks think otherwise. Which reminds me of how often in life and work we can find ways to grow beautiful things even when we’re parched.

Looking back over my life and career I recognize that in some of the most desert seasons, life has sprung forth, new ideas have come to fruition, and an innovative spirit has pushed through hard places, often out of the instinct to simply survive.

It doesn’t take much to brighten up your life, and this week I encourage you to plant amidst the weeds and water what you want to see grow.  Remember not to curse your ground but to nurture what you have and fertilize with optimism.

Spring is in the air and I’m bent on not missing out on this lovely, lovely season!  How about you?

>>{this makes me think of scriptures: Isaiah 43:19, Isaiah 35:6}

>> photo via of designlovefest

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