Met Gala 2013: Punk “chaos to couture”

So every year there is the Met Gala. Its basically a super fancy/exclusive prom for famous people at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on behalf of the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute.

“It is an annual event at the Met Museum in New York City that kicks off the Costume Institute spring exhibition. The Met Gala, or Met Ball as it is also called, has a theme that goes with the exhibition, and antendees usually incorporate the theme with their outfits. The event raises money for the Met’s Costume Institute. Which is a permanent exhibit in the museum where thousands (like over 35,000) historical costumes and accessories were displayed. So the pieces are stored and exhibited about two times a year. Each exhibit follows a designer or an era of fashion.”*

This year’s theme was PUNK and people showed up in a variety of garments ranging from not punk to punk to what?? lol! here are my favorites of the night.


{Anne HATHAWAY in vintage Valentino}


{Blake Lively-Reynolds in strapless Gucci Première gown with a full feather-and-organza skirt } &

{Cameron Diaz in a purple Stella McCartney gown with a matching floor-length, backless cape}


{Rooney Mara in Givenchy}

least favorites: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian,  Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry & Gwyneth Paltrow

Honorable mention: Katie Holmes looked breath-taking though not in the theme…..

*The Met Gala by

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