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28 things to be thankful for


28 things I’m thankful for.

  1.  Jesus: best friend. savior. father. love of my life.
  2. best family ever.
  3. amazing friends.
  4. amazing church
  5. my oneighty babies and babes
  6.  flowers.
  7. candles.
  8. worship/music.
  9. a good book.
  10. a good night sleep
  11. a great movie
  12. concerts
  13. fireplaces.
  14. coffee.
  15. framed art
  16. my new car [BATMAN]
  17. inspiring community
  18. laughing til my stomach hurts
  19. a good pair of jeans
  20. stationary and notebooks 
  21. the colors of fall
  22. summer nights
  23. wearing dresses
  24. custom tees esp my ‘eat love pray lead’ shirt
  25. wisdom and grace [need more everyday]
  26. another birthday
  28. Love


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i’m turning 27 years old on December 16. a lot of things that i thought would have happened by now or that i thought i would have accomplished by now. life looks differently than i thought it would. In reality, i’ve failed. But in truth, I’ve won. I didn’t gain the world and lose my soul. I didn’t chase my own glory forsaking YOURS. And i’m starting to see it as it should be. A God given moment. I have come a LONG way. wow. i am not the same woman i was at 21, hell 25. I am a lover and daughter of God, I am a worshipper, I am a friend, I am a servant and a leader. I’ve grown wiser and though I am not as naive as I once was, I thank God that i have not completely lost my sense of wonder and magic and awe. In fact, I think i lost it for a little bit but God met me in Houston, Texas and arrested me in Northern Virginia and Joy has found its way back to me. An abiding Joy and a deeper well of gratitude dug. that intangible is being revived and renewed.

These are some things I do know:

I am beautiful

I am redeemed


I am forgiven and I forgive

I am brilliant

I am gifted and talented

I am a part of a family

I will and am changing the world

I am a voice

I am an ambassador

I am an encourager and a light

I am a fighter

I am a peacemaker

I am all that He Says I am

photo via glitter guide tumblr

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26: Be[hold][wiser][stronger][lovely underneath it all][fearless]

Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And aim for my heart
If you feel like…

OH SNAP! TODAY is my birthday: December 16th!! hahah! simply put: grateful.

*photo of h&m winter collection found on poshblackbook.com & quote found on weheartit.com

*lyrics from ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon 5

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mr. sexyback

Yes. you guessed it Mr. Sexyback aka Justin Timberlake is 30 today. woah? where have i been?

How is he only 5 years older than me? haaaaay! lol!

anywho…in honor of his birthday, here is a run down of my fav JT moments:

  1. tearing up my heart -n’sync
  2. bye bye bye – n’sync
  3. It’s gonna be me – n’sync
  4. gone- n’sync
  5. rock your body
  6. cry me a river
  7. sexyback
  8. my love
  9. history of rap
  10. single ladies parody [we’re the dancers]
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