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28 things to be thankful for


28 things I’m thankful for.

  1.  Jesus: best friend. savior. father. love of my life.
  2. best family ever.
  3. amazing friends.
  4. amazing church
  5. my oneighty babies and babes
  6.  flowers.
  7. candles.
  8. worship/music.
  9. a good book.
  10. a good night sleep
  11. a great movie
  12. concerts
  13. fireplaces.
  14. coffee.
  15. framed art
  16. my new car [BATMAN]
  17. inspiring community
  18. laughing til my stomach hurts
  19. a good pair of jeans
  20. stationary and notebooks 
  21. the colors of fall
  22. summer nights
  23. wearing dresses
  24. custom tees esp my ‘eat love pray lead’ shirt
  25. wisdom and grace [need more everyday]
  26. another birthday
  28. Love


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travel attire

Travel - sneakers

Travel - combat boots

Travel - loafer

This is so crazy I leave on Thursday for Vegas. where did the time go? Anywho….that means its time to get packing. When traveling its always essential to me that I am comfortable but lately I’ve also wanted to look awesome and put together. So I’ve drafter some looks that I love [Urban, Rocker, Classic]. Which of these are your favorites?

Here’s how I would style each of the top looks:

  1. Urban Cool: black wedge sneakers/black jeans/ chambray shirt – to come back and my fur vest or get a black and white stripe sweater or shirt or wear/use my cream one
  2.  Rockstar: brown/grey combat boots, black leggings or jeans, t-shirt, long sweater, scarf
  3. Classic Cool: loafers, blue jeans cuffed up, button up shirt, blue or black blazer, satchel purse

main photos found on pintrest, instagram and buynowbloglater.com // shoes: michael Kors, steve madden, tods

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Happy Weekend

so this happy weekend post is actually a highlight friday post. remember the movie ‘The Blind Side’ and the real life family that inspired it? guess what? the main character was based on Oher…Oher is a Superbowl Champion now. He played sunday with the Baltimore Ravens and won!! woohooo!!!

tumblr_mhpc7jh5Zp1qggr1vo1_500 tumblr_mhpc7jh5Zp1qggr1vo3_500 The Blind Side movie image Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw

happy weekend!!

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Happy Weekend

Justin Timberlake comeback track 'Suit & Tie' to sell 350k copies on the first week.jpg

I’ve listened to this song like 15x and I’m still not completely won over. Just because I think the overall sound is cool but its not all that original to me. and might be because i’m waiting for something as fresh and different as ‘sexyback’ which it isn’t. but hey what do I know?! ha! All in all its a cool vibey song BUT whats really great is the music video. it is refreshingly simple and well executed. check it out here.

let’s get crazy classic this weekend! ya dig?! looking forward to: a white manicure & getting crafty making and shipping long over due birthday cards.

Happy weekend!

photo via madetobenow.com

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